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Heart-Pumping Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

You might be feeling a lot of pressure as you’re planning the perfect Valentine’s Day date, but you don’t have to sweat it. While it’s tempting to grab the go-to box of chocolates, planning an adventurous day for you and your significant other can be fun and memorable.

Avoid the stress of getting reservations at a crowded restaurant and grab your sneakers instead! This year, take your date on an active, energetic rendezvous. You’ll be surprised at how simple and romantic it can be. Let these ideas inspire a healthy and fit Valentine’s Day.

1. Challenge each other to a run

Put on your running shoes and hit the trails. Plan a run with your date through a new or favorite running path. Push each other to go an extra mile or sprint toward an end goal.

Want to sign up for a race? Register for Cupid’s Undie Run and help raise funds to benefit the Children’s Tumor Foundation, or check out downtown OKC’s underground tunnels by running in OKC Boathouse Foundation’s RUNderground.

2. Go for a stroll at a local park

Nothing beats a simple promenade. Hold hands and walk through your favorite neighborhood or saunter through your local park. Martin Park Nature Center is a great option to escape the bustle of Oklahoma City. Not sure where to go in your town? Check out your local park and recreation department’s website.

3. Go to an ice skating rink

Valentine’s Day arrives during the last few weeks of winter. Why not use that as an excuse to take your date ice skating? Blazers Ice Centre in Oklahoma City offers public skating hours for you to lace up and skate. Edmond’s Artic Edge’s free skate is another popular option. Try and keep your balance when you and your date glide over the ice as you hold hands. (Hot chocolate afterward is highly recommended). Be sure to call and check the free skate times at both Blazers Ice Centre and Artic Edge before your date.

4. Take a fitness class together

Pick an exercise class new to both of you. Whether it’s Zumba®, yoga or Pilates, it can be rewarding to share a workout experience as a couple.

5. Try a new sport

It may warrant a few laughable moments, but trying a sport you and your partner have never played before can be a fun way to bond. Don’t fear if you’re not a natural-born pro. Even if you’ve never held a tennis racquet or swung a bat before in your life, you can try it out in a judgment-free zone. You or your date may find a new passion or way to stay fit.

6. Shoot hoops at a local court

Throwback to school days and play a one-on-one round of basketball. Take advantage of a public court or play on a driveway basketball hoop. Up the ante and play a game of H-O-R-S-E. The loser treats the winner to coffee later in the week.

7. Take a hike

Oklahoma is full of great nature walks and hiking trails.  If you don’t mind a quick day trip, you can easily find a perfect path for a romantic hike. The Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge has gorgeous hiking trails and scenic drives to fill your entire day. If you want to head toward the state’s east side, check out the hilly woodland trails at Robbers Cave State Park.

8. Tee off on the golf course

Whether you’re an old golf pro or a newbie to the sport, playing a friendly round of golf is a great way to get outside and spend time with your date. If you don’t want to commit to 18 holes, try playing nine or hit up the driving range. Oklahoma City’s Top Golf is an option if you want to tee off with the comforts of a full bar and restaurant!

9. Go ride a bike

Peddle to your favorite coffee shop or bar for drinks. Just because it’s Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you have to ride a bicycle meant for two.

10. Play an old-school yard game

Dig your old Frisbee out of the garage and take it to the park to throw, or purchase a playground ball to play Wall Ball. Old playground games may seem slightly childish, but they make for an active, retro date activity.

Going on  a healthy, adventurous Valentine’s Day date is an easy way to please your partner. Hopefully you’ll both enjoy working up a sweat and spending quality time together.

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