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Eat a Little Healthier at the 2018 Oklahoma State Fair

As football jerseys appear and pumpkin spice scents fill stores, it seems like every other commercial is for the Oklahoma State Fair. This year, use this guide to eat smarter and splurge on a healthier stop or two before queuing up for the Sky Eye Ferris Wheel or the Zoeppe Family Circus.

Fair Fare on the Lighter Side

While you won’t find fair food listed on any diet plan, your visit to the fair can include good dietary decisions. Pick one or share a couple of the options listed for a fair experience your waistline won’t regret. You can download this map to help you find your way.

DJ’s Crepes and Jalapenos

Stop by this booth and pick out your favorite concoction for a delicious smoothie. This choice is easily combined with others down the list to help you get a well-balanced meal while visiting the fair.

Capital City Cafe

There is no place like the Capital City Café on the fairgrounds. Attached to the livestock barns near the Jim Norick Arena, you will find salads, grilled chicken wraps and fresh fruit bowls. As you come in the door, you’ll notice the air conditioning and indoor tables and chairs. Go join the line, grab pre-made options from coolers or order fresh items from the counter. 

okPORK Chop Shop

If you’re looking for breaded or deep-fried foods, you’re looking in the wrong place. This pork chop sandwich features two dry-rubbed chops from a boneless pork loin, which are smoked to perfection. Add your choice of sauces for a burst of flavor or ask for it naked to forgo the bun.

Cutie Pies

Fresh and cool treats can be found throughout the fairgrounds, but finding healthy snacks can be a bit trickier. When you find this stand, you can get your hands on fresh watermelon. What better way to enjoy the state fair than with an old-fashioned, end-of-summer treat?

Elephant Ears

When you stop at Elephant Ears, also known as Manny’s, you can grab a classic Oklahoma State Fair Indian Taco with grilled chicken or steak. Luckily, the toppings are good for you, too – lettuce, onions, tomatoes and beans. Share it with a friend to cut down on the fry bread and damage to your diet.

The Greek Garden

Look for The Green Garden on Kiamichi Street’s Food Row between the Modern Living Building and the Centennial Building. If a chicken gyro with onions and tomatoes in a warm pita will hit the spot, you can order it here.

Corn at the Stand

La Gumbo Ya Ya

Serving up Cajun-style food, La Gumbo Ya Ya is a local Oklahoma City food truck. They not only serve a tasty bowl of red beans and rice, but they often offer a vegan option for those looking for such fare. 


Fancy chicken croissants, creamy cranberry chicken croissants and salads are the delicacies you can find when you stop by this booth. Choose your favorite and customize it to fit your diet and lifestyle perfectly.

Chan’s Concessions

Asian flavors can be found in the Entertainment Plaza at Chan’s Concessions. Check out the grilled chicken on a stick with some rice for a filling meal that doesn’t come with a side of regret.

Oklahoma Roast Corn

Corn-on-the-cob is everywhere at the Oklahoma State Fair. If the craving for corn strikes, you can head to Oklahoma Roast Corn in the southeast section of 14 Flags Plaza, near the entrance to Food Row. Another option is located on Gordon Cooper, near the Jim Norick Arena.


If you’re interested in authentically-made, California-style Mexican flavors, stroll halfway down Food Row between the Modern Living Building and the Centennial Building. Order a taco salad or street tacos with al pastor or carne asada. Look for the yellow awning and a wide selection of fresh salsas in bottles on the counter.

Bacon Habit

When low-carb is what matters and your stomach is begging for the State Fair Staple known as bacon, look no further than the Bacon Habit booth. Found between the Bennett Event Center and the Jim Norick Arena on Gordon Cooper, this booth offers bacon-wrapped veggies galore. Pick from Brussel sprouts, corn, asparagus or zucchini and they’ll serve it to you all wrapped up.

Corn and Corn Dogs

Get Moving with State Fair Activities

Believe it or not, there’s more to the Oklahoma State Fair than food. No matter what you decide to eat, you can find activities to support a healthy lifestyle any day you visit the fair. Check out the list of scheduled Oklahoma State Fair activities.

Getting Your Steps

Are you a step-counter? If you’re a person whose fitness tracker is a daily accessory, the Oklahoma State Fair is a perfect place for you. From the livestock barns to the Bandshell Stage, and from the Zoppe Family Circus to the Midway, simply seeing the sights will send your step count soaring. Make it a competition and see who among your group can rack up the most steps.

Work Your Mind and Body

Stop by the “Hands-On Spot” in the Modern Living Building to get your mind, body and creativity all working together. Try your luck at pickleball, brain teasers, chess, metalworking, leather crafting, hula hooping, Chinese jump-roping and more! Bring your friends, and don’t forget to snap some pictures. These are memories you won’t want to forget.

Shake Your Groove Thing

As you explore the fairgrounds, catch some live music and dance off some calories at one of the many shows happening this year. Don’t forget, each night there is a free concert at the Chickasaw Country Entertainment Stage in the middle of Entertainment Plaza. There, you can do the Jail House Rock at the Elvis Extravaganza or country two-step with Neal McCoy.

Oklahomans Coming Together

Your healthier guide to the Oklahoma State Fair is more than a tool to enjoy the fair; it’s an invitation to bring your friends and share an experience. Join thousands of other Oklahomans in making memories together Sept. 13-23 at the 42nd Oklahoma State Fair.