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Oklahoma City Walking Trail Resources

Oklahoma is one of the more diverse states in the country due to its wide-ranging topography – some areas of the state are flat with scenic prairies while others are mountainous and full of canyons, forests and mesas. In between, Oklahoma is home to many rivers and lakes.

The geologic and topographic features make Oklahoma a prime place for outdoor adventures, with many people traveling the state to hike, camp, bike, swim, canoe and kayak.

While many of these destinations require an hour or more worth of travel for people living in Oklahoma City, the metro area is home to many scenic walking trails that don’t require much effort to get to.

Walking trails in OKC

Bert Cooper Trails

Total length: 9.5 miles

Overview: Formerly known as Lake Hefner Trails, this nearly 10-mile loop encompasses Lake Hefner, a 2,500-acre reservoir in northwest OKC. Bert Cooper Trails is a paved trail, which attracts walkers, runners and bikers. On the eastern part of the trail, you’ll find a white lighthouse that is a 36-foot replica of Brand Point Light in Massachusetts. Brant Point Light is the second oldest lighthouse in the country.

Bluff Creek Trail

Total length: 3.5 miles

Overview: Located on the northern tip of Lake Hefner, Bluff Creek Trail features two walking options – a 1-mile paved loop or a 3.5-mile dirt trail that is mainly for mountain biking.

Bricktown Canal Trail

Total length: 2 miles

Overview: Mirrored after San Antonio’s River Walk, this mile-long canal winds through the heart of downtown OKC. Several restaurants, bars and a miniature golf course line the canal, which is nestled across from Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark, home to the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Triple-A affiliate.

Eagle Lake Trails

Total length: 2 miles

Overview: Just east of downtown and across the Oklahoma River, the Eagle Lake Trail is a 2-mile paved trail. It’s an easy walking trail that provides views of both the river and the OKC skyline.

Earlywine Trails

Total length: 5.7 miles

Overview: Not to be confused with the trail located inside Earlywine Park, Earlywine Trails runs between Santa Fe Avenue, Pennsylvania Avenue and Meridian Avenue in southwest OKC. 

Grand Boulevard Trail

Total length: 35 miles

Overview: One of the longest trails in the city, Grand Boulevard Trail circles some of OKC’s main attractions, such as Lake Hefner, Lake Overholser and the Oklahoma River. While this trail is more suited for biking, there are also select areas to walk. 

Hefner-Overholser Trail

Total length: 5.7 miles

Overview: This trail is located between Lake Hefner and Lake Overholser, which makes it convenient to access either the Bert Cooper Trail at Lake Hefner or Lake Overholser East Trail at Lake Overholser. As you make your way from Lake Overholser to Lake Hefner, the open part of the trail becomes more residential.

Katy Trail

Total length: 5.5 miles

Overview: Katy Trail runs along parts of Interstate 35 and I-44 in northeast OKC. The trail runs past the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum to the north, followed by the Oklahoma City Zoo, Remington Park and the Oklahoma Railway Museum as you work your way south.

Lake Stanley Draper Trail

Total length: 14 miles

Overview: Aside from Lake Hefner and Lake Overholser, Lake Stanley Draper is another popular reservoir located in southeast OKC just south of I-240. The lake features a paved trail for walkers, hikers and bikers.

Lighting Creek Trail

Total length: 6.6 miles

Overview: The Lighting Creek trail is paved and travels from the Oklahoma River to I-240.

Oklahoma River Trails

Total length: 13 miles total

Overview: This scenic loop is paved and flat, making it ideal for walkers and runners. The north side of the trail features many trees with a view of the river to the south.

Overholser Trails

Total length: 3.2 miles

Overview: The Overholser Trail is situated on the east side of Lake Overholser and connects to the Hefner-Overholser Trail at 39th Street. The paved route runs north and south and is ideal for walkers.

North Grand Trail

Total length: 2.5 miles

Overview: Starting at Lake Hefner, this paved trail travels southeast toward Nichols Hills. Once you cross N. May Street, you’ll find many million dollar houses along with the sprawling Oklahoma City Golf & Country Club.

Martin Nature Trail

Total length: 1.6 miles

Overview: Martin Park Nature Center is a 144-acre park home to a playground and trails. This loop is a quick, easy walk that provides a glimpse of wildlife and grasslands.

Scissortail Park

Total length: 0.9 miles

Overview: One of the newest additions to downtown Oklahoma City, this paved loop has become one of the more popular walking destinations for people. Whether you wish to walk your dog, see budding plants in the spring and summer or bird watch, you’ll always find people out and about at the park.

South Grand Trail

Total length: 11 miles

Overview: Shaped like a horseshoe, the South Grand Trail starts at the Oklahoma River and travels south toward Grand Boulevard before heading east. The trail crosses I-35 and heads back north near Trosper Golf Club before finishing at the Oklahoma River near I-40.

Soldier Creek Trails

Total length: 5 miles

Overview: Solider Creek is a newer trail to the area, as it was built in 2016 on 77 acres of floodplains. The trail moves across wooded areas so you can experience nature, but it also has amenities such as bathrooms and picnic tables.

Tinker-Draper Trail

Trail length: 8.5 miles

Overview: This trail located in southeast OKC runs between the Oklahoma River and Lake Stanley Draper.

West River Trail

Total length: 7.7 miles

Overview: Located in southwest OKC, this paved trail connects Lake Overholser to the Oklahoma River. It’s a popular destination for walking, trail running and bird watching.

Will Rogers Trail

Total length: 8 miles

Overview: This paved trail starts at the southern point of Lake Hefner and travels south through Will Rogers Park & Gardens and finishes at the Oklahoma River. Make a pit stop at the park, which is one of OKC’s oldest parks. Will Rogers Park & Garden is home to a rose garden and much more.

Hiking near OKC

While there are plenty of walking trails to choose from in Oklahoma City, some outdoor enthusiasts prefer more of a challenge in the form of hiking. These hiking trails are located within an hour of Oklahoma City. Some are even a part of the OKC metro, such as those in Arcadia, Guthrie and Moore.

Liberty Lake Trail in Guthrie: This 6.2-mile loop will take about two hours to complete and is just about a 30-minute drive from most parts of OKC. You can expect an elevation gain of 298 feet.

Spring Creek Trail in Arcadia: Designated as a moderate hiking course, this trail starts at Arcadia Lake and runs west to I-35. It takes nearly three hours to complete and is a popular place for hiking and trail running. You can expect an elevation gain of 157 feet.

Purcell Lake Loop in Purcell: Located just south of Norman, this 3.3-mile loop is a moderate hike and takes about an hour to complete. In addition to hiking, Purcell Lake is also popular for fishing.

Clear Bay Recreation Area Trail System in Moore: Located on the south side of Lake Thunderbird in Norman, there are five trails that total 18.5 miles. For beginners, the Green Loop is just 1.5 miles. For more advanced hikers, try the 10-mile Gold Loop. In total, you can expect an elevation gain of 1,066 feet.

Inspiration Point Loop in Watonga: Roman Nose State Park is one of the original seven state parks in Oklahoma and is home to a golf course, swimming pools, two lakes and hiking trails. Inspiration Point Loop is a 5.8-mile that takes about two hours. You can expect an elevation gain of 518 feet.

Red Rock Canyon Rim Trail in Hinton: Red Rock Canyon Part is another popular choice for hiking near OKC. This 3.9-mile loop is a moderate hike that takes about 90 minutes to complete. You can expect an elevation gain of 357 feet.

California Road Nature Trail: This 2.9-mile loop is also in Red Rock Canyon Park and takes about 75 minutes to complete. You can expect an elevation gain of 367 feet.

Bell Cow Lake Equestrian Trail in Chandler: Known as a trail for horseback riding, you can also hike this moderate trail that takes 2 hours and 12 minutes to complete. You can expect an elevation gain of 255 feet.

Stinchcomb Wildlife Refuge in Bethany: Located just to the west of downtown Oklahoma City, this 5.1-mile out-and-back trail is an easier route and takes about 90 minutes to finish. Consider stopping by the Stinchcomb Wildlife Refuge, home to many different species such as deer, eavers and hundreds of birds.

Choctaw Creek Park in Choctaw: This park features two main trails that are both considered easy routes. The Choctaw Creek Park Trail is a 1.6-mile loop, while the Choctaw Creek Park Horse Trail is a 1.2-mile loop. You can hike both in less than 30 minutes, and there isn’t much of an elevation change.

For more walking and hiking resources in Oklahoma, there are several websites and apps that can help you find a trail that best suits your interests. We’ve found All Trails to be the most helpful. You can download the app and search for trails near you by using such features as difficulty level, activity, length and features (dog friendly, paved, etc.)


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