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What’s the COVID-19 Risk of Common Summertime Activities in Oklahoma City?

Families are very ready to get out of the house and venture out for a little summer fun. While this summer is certainly different from a “normal” one in the city, the good news is there are many summer activities that remain quite safe with a little advance planning.


How the Coronavirus May Impact or Cause PTSD

The coronavirus pandemic has created tough situations worldwide, but for many people, the health emergency has created additional sources of trauma. That trauma could lead to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) but could also lead to more severe symptoms for those who already suffer from PTSD.


Is It Safe to Take Your Kids to the Pool This Summer?

With summer in full swing, many residents want to know if it’s safe to visit public and community pools. We are breaking down the CDC guidelines on how to enjoy the pool safely this summer.


Men's Health Week Spotlight: Are More Men Dying From COVID-19?

June 15 to 22 is Men’s Health Week, and this year has introduced an important medical question about men’s health. According to data from the National Institute of Health, men seem to be affected more severely by COVID-19 than women. Why is this the case?



Is it Safe to Seek Medical Care During COVID-19?

Experts are worried because illness and deaths from health problems that were untreated during the pandemic are rising. Doctors note that waiting too long to get help for life-threatening conditions can be more dangerous than infection with the new coronavirus. For this reason, INTEGRIS Health, and health care systems nationwide, want to share an important message: it’s safe to get your medical conditions addressed right now and it’s okay to visit your doctor or hospital even as the country continues to battle the pandemic.


Natural Ways to Boost Your Immunity

Even if illness may often seem inevitable, are there ways to better prepare your body for a potential onslaught of invaders? Yes and no. You won’t find a magic immunity pill anywhere, but we’ll provide tips on how you can boost your immune system naturally.


Safely Freezing Food

As simple as it sounds, freezing food can be a little tricky if you aren’t familiar with it. Here are tips to help you freeze your meals easily and safely.


How to Help Older Neighbors During COVID-19

Social distancing can have an especially negative impact on one of society’s most at-risk groups: the elderly. You may want to help but might feel awkward just assuming an elderly neighbor needs help. Here are some tips on how to approach the conversation.


How to Stay Fit at Home If You're Skipping the Gym

Establishing a consistent exercise routine while you stay home can add structure to your day, keep your body strong, and help alleviate stress. Here are a few ways you can stay active while staying safe.


Keeping Kids Busy When They Have to Be Home

With kids stuck at home, many Oklahoma parents are wondering what their kids are going to do all day. If you’re running low on ideas to keep the kids busy, here are some ideas we’ve put together for activities that can help kids stay engaged.

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