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Men's Health Week Spotlight: Are More Men Dying From COVID-19?

June 15 to 22 is Men’s Health Week, and this year has introduced an important medical question about men’s health. According to data from the National Institute of Health, men seem to be affected more severely by COVID-19 than women. Why is this the case?



Natural Ways to Boost Your Immunity

Even if illness may often seem inevitable, are there ways to better prepare your body for a potential onslaught of invaders? Yes and no. You won’t find a magic immunity pill anywhere, but we’ll provide tips on how you can boost your immune system naturally.


Safely Freezing Food

As simple as it sounds, freezing food can be a little tricky if you aren’t familiar with it. Here are tips to help you freeze your meals easily and safely.


Tips to Stay Engaged During COVID-19

While social isolation is necessary, it’s likely you miss your friends and family and it probably feels like your daily life has been uprooted in disturbing ways. Now that you’ve been stuck indoors for several days, perhaps boredom and restlessness have set in and loneliness and anxiety have started creeping into your thoughts. Now more than ever, it’s important to stay positive. Luckily, there are many ways you can stay engaged and combat boredom – and you don’t always need technology to do it!


How to Protect Your Mental Health During COVID-19

The trick with good mental health is in many ways the same as the trick with good physical health. Consistency is important, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and good habits are key. In many cases, good mental health is a habit, which can be maintained and improved upon.


How Seniors Can Keep Independence As Long As Possible

As we get older, most of us wish to remain independent for as long as we can. Many adult children struggle with finding the right balance between keeping their elderly loved ones safe with the care they need while also helping them preserve their independence. The good news is that both are possible with some planning and modifications.


What Are Advanced Practice Providers? What Kind of Care Do They Provide?

Advanced practice providers are not doctors, but they have advanced degrees and are qualified to take on some of the roles traditionally assumed by doctors. They can often provide the medical care a patient needs more quickly and at a lower cost.


Don't Give Up on Your New Year's Health Goals!

Now that it's February, have you found yourself right where you started when you set your new year's health goals last month? Maybe you’re feeling frustrated with yourself, and already think your goals for 2020 are a wash. INTEGRIS dietitian Brent Wilson gives some heartfelt advice to help you get back on track.

Brent Wilson, R.D.


Monday Mindfulness #4

In the fourth installment of our “Monday Mindfulness” series, meditation expert Sarah McLean gives tips on how to combat stress with mindful moments.


Healthy and Fast Recipes For Your New Cooking Gadget

Take a look at this quick list of healthy and fast recipes to get started using your new cooking gadget. So, tie on that apron, take your gift out of the box and let’s get cooking!

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