Provider Onboarding

The Provider Onboarding and Retention program at INTEGRIS was developed to assist all new Medical Staff and Allied Health Professionals upon receiving privileges at all INTEGRIS facilities. Our goal is to make your credentialing process physician friendly and to introduce you to our facilities so that you are fully acclimated upon approval of privileges. Upon being approved by the Credentialing Committee you will be contacted by Juliana Lee or Annette Kezbers, Provider Consultants for INTEGRIS to schedule your Hospital Orientation at the INTEGRIS facility that you will be receiving privileges.

Your orientation will be personalized to your specific area of specialty. You will be meeting with appropriate Directors and Medical Staff, touring the departments that you will be utilizing while on campus, receive your INTEGRIS badge and parking privileges, facilitate your IT training, dictation protocol, and much more.

While on staff at INTEGRIS, you may contact Juliana Lee or Annette Kezbers, Provider Consultants, at any time to discuss any needs or suggestions.

At INTEGRIS, we strive to achieve and maintain standards that are conducive to providing the utmost in patient care and making it easy for the Provider to provide the same standards for his/her patients while utilizing our facilities. We have specific departments in place to assist the physician in assuring the optimal outcome for his/her patients.

Provider Consultants

Rhonda Weedn

Annette Kezbers

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