Pillars (focus areas) are defined by those key themes or foundational statements used to fulfill INTEGRIS’ vision: Most Trusted Name in Healthcare. They also provide a framework to outline and develop the organization’s strategic objectives, goals and subsequent performance targets. Pillars (focus areas) are at the heart and soul of our “Organization of Excellence” culture and include:

Service Excellence: Achieved through providing our patients and customers an experience that exceeds their expectations

Clinical Excellence: Achievement of high quality outcomes through the efforts of exceptional physicians and staff, pursuing continuous process improvement

Operational Excellence: Defined by the successful development of resources necessary to achieve our mission as vision requiring exceptional operational and financial performance

Team Excellence: Defined by engaged, competent, knowledgeable employees, physicians and strategic partners supporting superior business performance through service, clinical and operational excellence

Pillars of Diversity


Respect: We will affirm and esteem individuals regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, veteran status, economic class and/or ability.

Compassion: We will care for each person as an integral part of our larger family.

Equity: We will work tirelessly to promote equitable work environments so that everyone enjoys opportunity and professional fulfillment.

Excellence: We will preoccupy ourselves with hiring the best talent with a diversity of ideas to provide clinical and service excellence.

Returnship: We will wisely care for and share the resources that we hold so dearly in the community’s trust giving back in tangible ways to our greater community.