Risk Management

INTEGRIS Health is committed to working with physicians to reduce risk that may create opportunities for patient incidents. To that end the risk management department has developed initiatives to recognize a risk exposure and then working with the physicians, nurses and administration to change process in order to eliminate as many risk factors as possible.

Here are some of the examples of the initiatives undertaken by INTEGRIS Health in order to reduce the potential of risk for our patients:

  • An incident reporting system is active throughout the system. The information received is compiled routinely helping to identify trends that could lead to a patient injury. This information is discussed with the appropriate leadership and then action is taken to correct the untoward trends.
  • A physicians claims committee meets to discuss cases that have arisen in the system helping the doctors to learn from the experience of others. Counsel meets with this committee and receives valuable medical insight with regard to the active cases currently managed by the firm.

Physicians are offered an opportunity to participate in a program offered by ELM (Education in Legal Medicine). This offering provides category 1 CME credit and may be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. The coursework discusses cases that have occurred in many specialties throughout the country and tests the knowledge of the physician as it relates to medical legal matters. The hope is the lesson learned by others will help us to avoid a repeat of the same event. This is offered at no charge to the INTEGRIS Health medical staff.

INTEGRIS Health offers professional liability insurance through an arrangement with a highly rated insurance carrier for those physicians that practice at an INTEGRIS Health facility at least 50 percent of the time. This is a supplement to the professional liability insurance market in Oklahoma in order to assure our staff physicians affordable fiscally secure professional liability protection.

The risk management department is committed to working with physicians, nurses and administration striving for the highest level of patient safety for those people treated throughout the INTEGRIS Health system.