Physician Update

INTEGRIS Baptist and INTEGRIS Southwest Anticoagulation Clinics Become Anticoagulation Centers of Excellence

INTEGRIS Baptist and INTEGRIS Southwest Anticoagulation Clinics passed the Anticoagulation Forum’s assessment program, earning the designation Anticoagulation Center of Excellence. The rigorous assessment allowed us to measure our practice against five key patient care areas:

  1. Operational performance
  2. Transition of care
  3. Drug therapy knowledge
  4. Patient education
  5. Disease state management

The program also gives us ongoing access to a rich resource library providing guidelines and tools to stay informed of changes in the anticoagulation field. Participation in this program demonstrates our anticoagulation clinics’ ongoing goals to achieve the highest level of care and best possible patient outcomes. The anticoagulation forum is a multidisciplinary, non-profit organization with a mission to improve the quality of care for patients taking antithrombotic medications. To explore the program visit