Physician Update

Clinical Leadership Transformation Council Launched 

INTEGRIS has long been a leader in the delivery of high quality, high value, innovative and safe care. Our organization has seen many challenges, but we have withstood the test of time and constant change with an unrelenting focus on the patients and communities we serve. INTEGRIS uses a scientific, data-driven, evidenced-based approach to improving clinical and service quality, driven by three key processes: measurement, analysis and improvement.

Physician leadership is a critical component of our continuous improvement process. In support of that effort, I am pleased to announce the formation of the CLTC (INTEGRIS Clinical Leadership and Transformation Council). CLTC is the highest-level clinical authority for INTEGRIS, reporting directly to the INTEGRIS Board Quality Committee. 

CLTC is a multidisciplinary and multimarket representation of physician leadership from across INTEGRIS entities. Council physicians are forward-thinking and understand the purpose of system-ness and clinical integration as well as the physician role in clinical transformation. CLTC members serve in a strategic capacity to drive quality and evidence-based clinical standardization. The council identifies and evaluates optimization opportunities, transformation and/or variation-reduction of patient care and is responsible for approving and prioritizing initiatives.

These initiatives are communicated to the POC (Physician Operations Council), the work-advancing team of physician leaders from each entity. Each physician leader is titled associate chief medical officer or medical director and serves as the point person for his or her respective entity. These associate CMOs/medical directors will put into operation the prioritized work from CLTC, coordinating with their facility’s nursing and operations resources and amalgamating the prioritized projects with the specific needs and cultures of their facility and community. These physician leaders are accountable to CLTC for the implementation of these initiatives at their home site. 

As INTEGRIS leaders, I ask that you use the information in this document to notify your staff about CLTC and the strategic clinical transformation now underway at INTEGRIS. Going forward, it is your responsibility to update your staff as CLTC rolls out more information for the ongoing key clinical initiatives.

Patient outcomes, the patient experience and the safety of care provided are the pillars on which the entire industry is being shaped. For us to advance the legacy of greatness that INTEGRIS is founded on, it is up to us to be visionary leaders in this chapter of the INTEGRIS history book. Not only does the environment demand this become a strategic priority, it is simply the right thing to do for our patients and the best way to honor the work of our predecessors. It’s a privilege to be on this journey with you.

Tommy Ibrahim, M.D.
Managing Director and Chief Medical Officer

Appendix 1: CLTC organizational chart and workflow

Appendix 2: CLTC physician leaders

Appendix 3: CLTC communication structure

Appendix 4: System clinical initiatives