Physician Update

Clinical Engine Team Aligning Narrative 

The singular aim of the Clinical Engine Team is to transform INTEGRIS into a Top 5 health services company through the delivery of innovative, integrated and seamless clinical care to improve the health of the people and communities we serve. We strive to be an accountable, aligned and interconnected team with shared objectives. We are experts in our fields who must earn our place as members by operating as a unified network, exhibiting commitment to transparent communication, protecting our relationships, demanding measurable results, challenging the status quo and maintaining an environment of trust, accountability and intolerance for those who do not. We accomplish this through unwavering focus on the patient, their needs, and their experience – providing value and unsurpassed quality of care. 

I-5 is our internal campaign designed to build upon previous successes and drive our organization forward in becoming a Top 5 Health Services Company in the next five years. In evaluating the various methodologies used to define a Top 5 organization, a single defining truth emerges: the quality of care and the manner it is delivered to the patient is unsurpassable. This is our daring and aspirational goal!

Sincerely, Tommy

I-5 Roadmap to Top 5