Physician Update

Our First 100 Days

Dear Colleagues, 

I am approaching completion of my first 100 days at INTEGRIS, and I am pleased to report my early positive impressions of the organization grow only stronger as I meet with our team members and travel to facilities across the state. What is perhaps most exciting for me is the sense of enthusiasm and readiness I feel from the organization; an eagerness to advance forward, to embrace change and to build upon the impressive foundation already in place. I have been amazed at the depth of clinical expertise and wide-ranging services we offer, and I am inspired by the excellent standard to which we hold ourselves and each other. 

I see great opportunity here. In my interactions-to-date – with hundreds of members of our medical team, board and advisory groups, system leaders and fellow employees – I am experiencing a shared commitment to ensure INTEGRIS evolves and succeeds in an ever-changing health care industry. Lesser organizations are often unwilling to consider emerging payment models, value-based purchasing programs, growing consumerism, adoption of new technologies, decommissioning of outdated practices and other forces at work in health care today. However, I see INTEGRIS moving purposefully forward toward best-practice adoption; not satisfied with market-leading but industry-leading results. It is exciting!

In addition to meeting people across the system, I have been spending a good amount of time developing relationships with my internal team members and assessing our functional areas of responsibility. Together, we are evaluating current state and looking ahead at where we want to take each individual department to ensure that we achieve at high levels and align with system strategy.  I have already made changes that I feel support a positive future direction, and I am committed that our team will focus on visionary pursuits as well as those that strengthen our operational core.  

My vision for INTEGRIS is that we attain status as a “Top 5 Health Care System” in the country. I readily admit it is a lofty goal however I believe it is achievable, and we can move beyond the Top 25 rankings where we often find ourselves. I am fortunate to see INTEGRIS through new eyes. We are unique; small enough to be agile but big enough to tackle the most challenging healing. Our medical staff possesses the ability – and delivers every day – skillsets that only enhance our vision of being the Most Trusted Name in Health Care. Oklahomans have come to understand our excellence. Our only challenge is maintaining the energy to live up to it – every day.

Perhaps most impressive to me beyond INTEGRIS’ pioneering history and innovative “can do” culture is its deep sense of family. There is a strong connection that exists among the people here; a belief that working together, we will accomplish good and great things. In closing, I offer this commitment to you; I join you and will work tirelessly and collaboratively in support of our INTEGRIS family’s shared and noble goals. 

Thank you for your warm and generous welcome. I am happy to be part of your team.

Sincerely, Tommy