Heart & Vascular

INTEGRIS Health Heart and Vascular Hospital and clinics, combined with the expertise of their clinicians provide comprehensive, high quality care to all patients in Oklahoma.

INTEGRIS Heart Hospital

Oklahoma's most complete spectrum of heart care.

It’s a fact. In Oklahoma, nothing cuts as many lives short as heart disease. It takes more lives than cancer or diabetes or accidents. So, at INTEGRIS Health, we’ve done everything in our power to change that reality by providing Oklahoma’s most comprehensive continuum of heart care available.

From education and prevention to more than 40 rural heart clinics and services including interventional cardiology, valve repair, emergent heart failure treatment, LVADs, life-saving ECMO, artificial hearts, heart transplants, cardiac rehabilitation and more, INTEGRIS Health offers comprehensive heart care and we have put it all under the one roof.

We're With You

Cardiovascular disease is Oklahoma's biggest health struggle, with more Oklahomans facing shorter lifespans, reduced quality of life and complications that come with it. At INTEGRIS and Oklahoma's largest and most comprehensive heart hospital – INTEGRIS Heart Hospital – we've made it our mission to be by your side as we fight back against this killer together.

INTEGRIS Heart Hospital

But what really matters is when you or someone you love is facing a heart condition, you don't have to think twice about whether you can choose a single network to get the highest caliber of every kind of care. Because at INTEGRIS, we’ll ensure you get the most respected physicians and specialists, the most advanced technology and every life-saving treatment available.

Advanced Heart and Vascular Care Near You

Our heart care doesn't end in the hospital setting – it reaches across Oklahoma's communities, with more than 26 outreach clinics locations throughout the state. We know it's crucial to respond quickly when communities need heart care, and our clinics mean you can get the care you need – on your own home turf.


Continuum of Heart Care

At INTEGRIS Health we’ve created Oklahoma’s most comprehensive continuum of heart care.
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