Lung Care

Patient-focused care with a multidisciplinary compassionate team to ensure you receive the right care from best possible outcome.

Helping you breathe better.

Many Oklahomans face problems breathing due to asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or many other conditions. These respiratory issues can affect your quality of life or could even be life-threatening. That's why INTEGRIS Health pulmonologists are here to care for you.

INTEGRIS Health pulmonologists use many tests to evaluate your breathing issues to better help treat your symptoms. Through these tests, they are able to diagnose your particular condition and can create a plan to help alleviate your stress and help you breath a little easier.

Depending on your diagnosis, our pulmonologists may need to work with doctors from other INTEGRIS Health specialties throughout Oklahoma to treat your specific condition, such as surgery, respiratory care, sleep medicine and cancer.

Pulmonary Programs and Services