INTEGRIS Health Surgery offers you and your family comprehensive surgical care for a variety of conditions.

Unparalleled surgical expertise.

Putting Your Mind At Ease

Undergoing any surgical procedure can be a little scary. You’re putting your life in someone else’s hands. Although there’s always some level of risk, with nearly all procedures done at INTEGRIS Health’s many surgical facilities, the risk is small. Because when you choose to have your surgery done at INTEGRIS Health, you’re not only under the direct care of some of the region’s foremost surgeons, anesthesiologists and specialists, you’re also seconds away from the most advanced life-saving care you shouldn’t need. But if you do need it, it’s right there.

Your Team

From simple outpatient “day” surgeries and endoscopic procedures like colonoscopies to minimally invasive, robotic surgeries to complex, inpatient surgical procedures, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re under the care of exceptionally skilled, board-certified surgeons with the most advanced, latest technologies at their disposal. Your care team will be made up of a variety of experienced professionals, including the surgeon, anesthesiologist, surgical technologist and registered nurses.



Conditions We Care For