Advanced Cardiac Care

At INTEGRIS, there isn’t just life after heart failure. There’s a better quality of life – and more hope – than just about anywhere else.

Advanced Cardiac Care

When hearts fail, we succeed.

Restless Hearts

Your whole body relies on your heart to keep pumping every second of every day. It’s the one organ in your body that never really gets a break. So when it’s injured or weakened by a heart attack or advanced heart failure, it can be difficult – or nearly impossible – to allow it enough rest to heal.

Ventricular assist devices (VADs) are blood pumps which take over some or all of the function of your heart. This can allow your heart time to heal, or to help you live a more complete, normal and active life while you wait for a heart transplant.

Only the Best for Your Heart

In conjunction with Advanced Cardiac Care, the Nazih Zuhdi Transplant Institute’s heart transplant program and the INTEGRIS Heart Hospital, INTEGRIS offers the most comprehensive heart failure program in Oklahoma:

  • Oklahoma’s only heart transplant program
  • Oklahoma’s only LVAD program
  • The only advanced short-term rescue LVAD/ECMO program
  • A comprehensive rhythm management program
  • A comprehensive heart failure surgery program
  • A comprehensive revascularization program
  • Heart failure physicians that are all board certified or board eligible in the treatment of heart failure.
  • Fellowship trained Board certified Heart Failure

We now offer online organ transplant referral forms.

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