Alzheimer's Disease

It can be one of the most emotionally painful diseases for you or a loved one. But there’s good news: You have some of the best minds in neuroscience on your side.

We know this is incredibly difficult. We're with you.

Alzheimer’s Onset

It can be one of the most painful diseases to watch a loved one develop – and is equally frightening if you notice the early symptoms in yourself. Alzheimer’s disease usually begins with trouble remembering things that happened recently. As the disease progresses, symptoms become more severe and affect more areas of the person’s life. Language can become confused, they’re likely to suffer from mood swings and may get lost easily. Self-care might become a struggle, and as the disease continues to worsen they’re likely to begin withdrawing from society.

There Is Good News

This devastating disease affects approximately five million people in America and is the most common cause of dementia. But the good news is you have some of the best minds in neuroscience on your side. Together with INTEGRIS Health physicians, neuroscientists, therapists and experts, we’ll do all we can to forestall the disease, alleviate the symptoms and give you as many wonderful years as we can with your loved one.

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Understanding Alzheimer's Disease

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