Clinic Awards and Recognition

Anticoagulation Center of Excellence from Anticoagulation Forum
  • Awarded to INTEGRIS Baptist and INTEGRIS Southwest Anticoagulation Clinics for 2013-2017
Certified Anticoagulation Care Provider (CACP) from the National Certification Board for Anticoagulation Providers
  • 5 of 6 of our full-time pharmacists are credentialed as CACPs
DREAM award for excellence in anticoagulation patient management
  • Awarded to both INTEGRIS Anticoagulation Clinics, May 2003
Patient Satisfaction Award for highest score for hospital outpatient services
  • INTEGRIS Baptist Anticoagulation Clinic: January 2006, April 2006, January 2007, December 2007, Annual Award for Fiscal year 2008, March 2009, July 2009
  • INTEGRIS Southwest Anticoagulation Clinic: October 2007