For Health Care Providers

For Health Care Providers

Clinic Policies, Protocols, and Guidelines

The INTEGRIS Baptist and INTEGRIS Southwest Anticoagulation Clinics operate under the same policies, protocols, and guidelines which are approved by each clinic’s medical director.

  • Clinic Policy and Procedure - [Download]
  • VTE Protocol (including outpatient DVT management) - [Download]
  • A.Fib. Protocol (applicable to other conditions with target INR range of 2-3) - [Download]
  • Mechanical Valve Replacement Protocol (applicable to other conditions with target INR range of 2.5-3.5) - [Download]
  • Patient Self-Testing (PST) Protocol and Referral Form - [Download]
  • Overanticoagulation Guideline - [Download]
  • Peri-procedure Guideline-[Download]
  • Subcutaneous anticoagulants protocol - [Download]
  • Target-specific Anticoagulant Guideline - [Download]

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