Cancer Pain Management

Pain doesn’t have to be an inevitable part of living with cancer or undergoing cancer treatment.

Pain doesn’t have to be inevitable.

Managing Pain

People commonly believe that pain is an inherent part of having cancer. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Pain management techniques at INTEGRIS Health are highly advanced, and even if your pain cannot be entirely prevented, it can often be reduced or alleviated. Pain associated with cancer can be a result of the cancer, cancer treatment, or both. It can also occur for other reasons. It’s important to remember that some amount of discomfort is normal – even without cancer – and every pain you experience isn’t necessarily caused by or related to cancer.

Don’t Ignore the Pain

The type and severity of the pain you experience will vary depending on the type of cancer, the stage (extent) of the disease and your threshold or tolerance for pain. If you experience pain that lasts several days or longer, it may result from one or more of the following and should be evaluated right away:

  • Pain from a tumor that is pressing on body organs, nerves, or bones
  • Poor blood circulation
  • Blockage of an organ or canal in the body
  • Metastasis (cancer cells that have spread to other sites in the body)
  • Infection or inflammation
  • Side effects from chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or surgery
  • Stiffness from inactivity
  • Psychological responses to tension, depression, or anxiety

Managing Cancer Pain

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