Child and Adolescent Mental Health

This can be a challenging time for young men and women. They need an understanding ear and a doctor they can trust.

Mental Health & Psychiatry

The hardest time of your life.

The Teen Years

Helping a son or daughter through adolescence might be one of the most challenging things you undertake as a parent. But it’s important to think back on that time and remember how much harder it was to go through it yourself: The physical changes of puberty, intense social predicaments and the demands of school, sports and extracurricular activities – all exacerbated by everything from little problems like acne to big issues like drug, alcohol and tobacco pressure from friends. When you take all of those stresses and try to balance and manage it all with the growing, immature brain of a teen, trouble is almost inevitable. 

Adolescent Mental Health

Sometimes it all gets to be too much, and mental health problems or even substance abuse. It doesn’t matter who’s at fault. What matters is that INTEGRIS Health is with you to address the problems to get your teen – and your family – back on track to a healthy, happy, productive life.

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