Women's Health Forum

Oct. 2 - 20, 2018

INTEGRIS has offered Women’s Health Forum for more than 30 years. We’ve brought in celebrities, introduced new physicians and experienced many local restaurants and fun venues. This year we are mixing things up a bit by exploring physical and creative activities alongside some of our new physicians. We hope you find an event you will enjoy!

This year it’s all about you, your health and your life.

Some events are meant to be just “For You.” Something fun that brings enjoyment to you. When you find happiness in what you are doing, it’s good for your health, too.

Other events are “For Health.” Events that are about improving your health – through education, a physical activity or maybe a screening or appointment.

Registration is SimpleAnd some events are “For Life.” Your life and quite possibly the lives of others. When you do something for others it actually does a lot for you, too!

Taking a little time for yourself can bring fulfillment, change your outlook or improve your health. Be sure to invite a friend to join you – it can be a girls outing or a chance to meet new friends and try something new.

Women's Health Forum Brochure

We hope you find something that interests you. Maybe it’s something you already enjoy doing or something you’ve always wanted to try and just haven’t yet.

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